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Manasã believes in confronting discrimination and breaking down barriers within communities.

 ABOUT US       

Manasã: (sanskrit) mental power; spiritual mind

Our Values


Our actions and committee are reflective of the diversity within our community. We work towards accessibility in our work and valuing people of all communities.


We believe in examining our beliefs, judgments and actions in our work; taking the time to understand our motivations and responsibility towards the communities we are supporting.


We commit to transparency, particularly within a communication context, with our team, followers and community. We take accountability and responsibility for our actions.

Our Values

You are here because you believe that supports looks different for everyone. Whether it be professional, mental or emotional; our ability to support one another is endless. 


Living within a society in which the majority of persons aren't like you is difficult. Whether it be race, sexuality, religious, economic or cultural differences it can be demoralising to try and find others like yourself. 


Almost like searching for a needle in an ever growing haystack.  

At Manasã, we understand that career decisions are challenging when there are no supportive structures in place for you.

We recognise that social interactions are hard when you can't find any friends to relate to.


We know adolescence is frightening when none of your friends can understand what you're going through. 

Manasã is here to create conversations and connect you with those people that can understand, relate and offer advice to you. 

From people just like you.

Our Aims


To connect and give you easier means of communication with professionals in your industry


To create conversations and providing ways to counter discrimination in the workplace

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To raise awareness and challenge all types of discrimination

Our Aims
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