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The Mentor Programs connect people with similar experiences and backgrounds. We understand that support looks different for everyone and we hope to uncover what that means for you. 


There are 3 parts to the mentor program :


Tackling the immense life-changing state that you are dealing with


Investigating what 'authentic' support looks like for you

Implementing that 'authentic' support to help you thrive

Our Goals



We want to empower minorities in every environment whether it be the workplace, social setting or within your home.



We want to influence young people within these communities to stand up for equal access and acknowledgment of their differences to the majority.

Raise Awareness


We want to raise awareness to the challenges minorites face and advocate for changes in all areas towards a more just and accepting world.

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High School

Mentor Program

How is high school different for people from minority communities?

High school is an exciting but stressful time, stress that Manasã hopes to relieve with our mentor program. By connecting graduated students with high school students, this program aims to guide and provide reassurance to students and discuss the transition out of high school and what their next stages might look like. 

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Mentor Program

What is the workplace really like for people from minority communities?

We will dive deeper into what the industry is really like for minorities with the Industry Mentor Program. This program offers a platform for industry professionals to share their own experiences. University students will also have the opportunity to develop networks and connections with the people from the workplace. 

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